RPC-196 during interrogation.


Item #: RPC-196

Object Class: Alpha (Theta pending, see addendum 196-1)

Containment Protocols: RPC-196-A is to be contained via the 'sacrifice' of three (3) axolotls1 per yearly period. (Henceforth referred to as Procedure 196-Delta) For an unidentified reason, this appeases RPC-196-A. The 'sacrifice' is to be conducted by a 30 year old female (specifically), wherein they are be administered a randomly generated quantity (within reason) of ketamine, and then sit cross-legged with the axolotls across from them. After three (3) minutes of this behavior, the axolotls will disappear via a temporal disturbance, and RPC-196-A will be contained for another year. Due to the nature of RPC-196, and it's harmful effects on normal time progression, it is to be held at Site-099.

Description: RPC-196 is (in theory) the fourth dimensional equivalent of American cosmologist Carl Sagan, manifesting downwards into our dimension. Though RPC-196 retains all memories of Mr. Sagan, it has shown extensive knowledge of extradimensional "affairs", and is under the control of a currently unknown reality bender.

RPC-196 has been extremely cooperative in testing, explaining its condition with Authority personnel. At one point in its natural lifespawn, RPC-196 made a deal with an unknown reality bending entity (RPC-196 -A) in what it thought was traditional tax returns. In reality it seems to have given the entity control over its fourth dimensional equivalent, prolonging the 4D version after the 3D version's death, instead of along linear time such as a normal human lifespan. Due to the naturally unstable nature of this deal, RPC-196 is sometimes seen shifting in and out of reality. This is perfectly normal, and is not to be treated as a containment breach.

RPC-196-A is currently attempting to descend to our dimension to 'retrieve' RPC-196 , but is kept at bay via Procedure 196-Delta. It is unknown how this works or what causes this bond between RPC-196 and RPC-196-A, only that RPC-196 has claimed it to work. And by all evidence, it seemingly has. RPC-196 is able to produce three dimensional shadows of four dimensional objects, due to its nature. If RPC-196 is seen studying one of these objects, it is not a containment breach, it is RPC-196 studying it for scientific knowledge. RPC-196 has shown interest numerous times in working for the Authority, and given its scientific prowess in its previous life, Theta reclassification is currently pending.

Addendum: As of incident RPC-196-2, the containment procedures for RPC-196-A are proven true to work. When they are not followed, RPC-196-A will manifest as a black axolotl and attempt to latch onto RPC-196, for unknown reasons. It will then [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in ████ deaths, and the disappearance of RPC-196. RPC-196 was later brought back via continuing procedure 196-Delta.

Addendum 196-1: Due to its numerous requests and scientist status, Theta reclassification for RPC-196 is pending.

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