MAIC got on our case too late. Standardized testing is upheld indefinitely until we figure out some way of reversing or quarantining the effects of exposure to RPC-202. While the article on archives is safe in itself, it should serve as a grim reminder of what happens when we treat the scientific method as if it played nice with the paranormal. -Dr. Holloway

I read it too long and haha it does does the work as it say -help


Registered Phenomena Code: 202

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:

change to Alpha-White does not hurt

Containment Protocols: Mobile Strike Team S4-B "Babel" is to monitor and respond to any appearances of RPC-202, RPC-202-2 or RPC 202-3. No more copies of RPC-202-1 are to be produced. The original instance of RPC-202 is to be kept locked away at a safe in a remote outpost constructed for testing purposes at ███████, ████(x) ███(y) ███(z). For specifics of the construction, and use of the facility, contact Site Director Dr. A████, Strike Team Leader █████, or see [CREDENTIALS INVALID]. Measures are in place to make sure that the material of the assumed original instance of RPC-202 (hereby referred to as RPC-202-1) does not deteriorate.

headache goes bit of time it leaves and good feeling

Description: RPC-202 is a poem. RPC-202-1 is the same poem on a 15cm x 8cm piece of standard paper. RPC-202-1 was recovered after reports of a lone gunman at a military installation in █████, U███, March 18th 198█1 It was discovered by the Authority that the shooter was the only psychologically sound2 person at the base and its' surroundings, as the local populace, both civilian and military seemed to be in what can be described as a catatonic state (referred to hereby as instances of RPC-202-2).

Agent Huss V████ and Junior Researcher Frederick N███ were credited with finding the cause of the epidemic on site, following a search only permitted after a 48 hour quarantine.3 feel fine now and there is no cause for alarm, maic guys can go now it hurts less. The catatonic state found in instances of RPC-202-2 is an effect of quick deterioration of mental health after reading all lines of RPC-202.

Testing has found that RPC-202 is only dangerous in its' entirety,4 the first three lines and last line can be read safely without any ill effects.

There are three flies in the room.
The first fly is you.
The second fly is doom.
███ █████ ███ ██ ██████ ███ █████
There are three flies in the room.

After any human reads or otherwise takes time to try to comprehend the passages of RPC-202, (regardless of reading or comprehension skills, or language)5 they immediately show symptoms of an intense migraine. Immediately after, while their speech retains clarity of vocalization and proper grammar in pronouncing individual words, their sentences rapidly lose cohesion. The final stage of catatonia, slurring, and loss of motor control appears in 2 to 3 hours.

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RPC-202-3 is an anomaly that manifests after any person has been transformed into RPC-202-2. Any written text created during the lifespan of an instance of RPC-202-2 directly referring to them becomes endangered with the possibility of suffering the same symptoms as their speech, though early on only appear as addendum. Examples have been found in legal documents, ID, written or typed letters, and ██████. These changes take effect after the catatonic state has set in, and while considerably slower, any and all Authority efforts of removal of the actual text seem to be ineffective.6 Burning or destroying documents produces the same text to appear elsewhere, in a documented part of RPC-202-2's life before infection.

called them on the phone explain im okay7

After a period of █ years, freddie likes sky and shower stars. In order to counter this effect, immediate termination of all instances of RPC-202-2 is in effect, or otherwise after testing is concluded.

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