RPC-218 photographed shortly after capture

Registered Phenomena Code: 218

Object Class: Alpha Neutralized

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-218 is to be stored in Hangar-█ at Site-[DATA EXPUNGED]. The hatches are to be locked and personnel are not to enter the vehicle in any circumstance except for authorized testing. No additional containment protocols are required; see incident log-1A.

Description: RPC-218 is a T-62 main battle tank (MBT) constructed in the USSR. Upon physical inspection, the vehicle displays no inconsistencies from production line T-62s. However, anomalous properties manifest in the vision blocks of the vehicle, which do not display RPC-218's exterior location as expected. This other location has not been identified with any known records, and current understanding theorizes that [DATA EXPUNGED]. The instance viewable through the vision blocks of RPC-218 is hereby referred to as RPC-218-1. Photographs and video do not seem to capture RPC-218-1, as the glass seems to reflect the photographer. From the exterior of the vehicle, the vision blocks show the interior correctly. Due to this, all evidence collected from RPC-218-1 is personal testimony and the anomaly being memetic in origin cannot be ruled out. Incident log-1A shows proof that RPC-218-1 has an effect on the exterior of the vehicle, and thus the anomaly was not memetic in origin.

Any action taken in the interior of the vehicle will be executed in both the exterior as normal, but also in RPC-218-1. As such, expeditions into RPC-218-1 are limited due to obstructions outside of the vehicle but are possible. The anomaly is not restricted to the movement of RPC-218 as any firing of the original weaponry will manifest in both realities, however, additions to the vehicle have not manifested in RPC-218-11. Fuel and ammunition, however, does manifest in RPC-218-1.

RPC-218-1 mostly resembles plains similar to █████ and light levels are concurrent to that at twilight. Trees have been recognized including Oak and Birch, as well as urban centers of alien architectural styles. Descriptions of these buildings were collected in expedition log 218-003. Hostiles are present in RPC-218-1, hereby referred to as RPC-218-1-1, of which ███ have been terminated by RPC-218 in expedition logs 218-002 and 218-003.

Object Retrieval: RPC-218 was recovered by the Authority when agents monitoring the Yom Kippur war heard reports of an Egyptian held T-62 acting erratically and firing at non-existent targets before the crew exited the vehicle. The crew was located and given class-C amnesiacs as well as those who witnessed the event after interviewing. The vehicle itself was transported to the nearest RPC facility immediately.


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