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"Happy" circa 1956.

Item #: RPC-221

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-221 is to be kept in a securely locked room in Site 16 (Colloquially known as "The Devil's Toybox") with regular security procedure for a restricted item in effect. Researchers and on-site staff are not to open RPC-221 under any circumstances due to it's memetic and anomalous properties, unless first approved by the on-site Director or Class 4 or above personnel.
All D-class personnel used for testing must first pass a background check to see if they have any history of holding or maintaining an entertaining position, or a criminal record that includes ██████ ██████████████, as this will increase the likelihood of RPC-221's memetic effect.
All use of D-class personnel for testing must be approved by at least one Class-3 senior researcher and one security staff member must be in attendance.

Description: RPC-221 consists of a blue, black, and red antique trunk with several clown decals on it's surface. It was first retrieved from a field in ████████, Wisconsin that was the site of one "Mr.███'s Wonder Show" circa 1953 to 1959.
Its memetic and anomalous effects are only activated when the trunk is opened and the contents are inspected by any person with an active or previous entertaining career, or who has scored a 40 or lower on the Mental Resistance Scale.
For this reason the items contained within will be listed as RPC-221-2 to RPC-221-8

Once a subject examines the items, they receive a strong urge to mimic the appearance of one "Happy the Clown" even if they have no previous knowledge of such an entity. Wearing RPC-221 2-8 will cause the subject to change mannerisms and even vocal tone to match a loud, but jovial man aged roughly 30-40 years. This will happen regardless of original gender. The individual does magic tricks, makes balloon animals, and comedy matching a 1940s to 50s era clown.
This instance will henceforth be known as 221-1 but refers to himself as “Happy” or “Happy the Clown”.
221-1 will address any subjects present as “children”.

If there is anyone but 221-1 present after this memetic effect, 221-1 will perform for them for an approximation of 30min to 1hr in the fashion of a 50s era variety show. Effects follow in incident Log 221-A though C.
If there is no one but 221-1 present, 221-1 will test items from the trunk that do not normally appear from it. Then 221-1 will remove the costume and return it to the chest. At this point the memetic effect on the subject will end and RPC-221 should be re-contained for at least ██ hours before testing is resumed to prevent mental resistance to the creation of 221-1. If approved, a new d-class may be used for testing to bypass this limit.
In four recorded instances 221-1 asked for a “volunteer from the audience” and using previously unseen items from the trunk, caused a varying anomalous effect on the subject.
For experimental purposes 5 D-class personnel were used as subjects of interacting with, and being exposed to RPC-221.
3 of the 5 were given Class C amnestics after testing and returned to service on site.

D-Class 2380 and 9017 deceased due to testing.


Addendum 221-D:
RPC-221 re-contained after incident on ██/██/████ led to it's containment breach and subsequent retrieval from the location it was originally found.
Mummified body of 221-1 found inside during retrieval. Reclassified as D-9017 and disposed of.

Addendum 221-E: All classified information regarding RPC-221 can be found in records room 209 if re-containment is necessary.

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