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Item #: RPC-228

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-228 is to be permitted free movement throughout Site-███. It is encouraged for Authority personnel to socialize positively with RPC-228 if they make contact with them. If additional help is required, personnel may request RPC-228’s assistance; the standard response to this will be active compliance. During daylight hours, containment is not required; however, every six hours a researcher must find RPC-228 and begin Procedure M. Procedure M is the process by which the researcher opens RPC-228's pre-cut cranium, and removing all instances of RPC-228-1, which are scattered around the candle inside RPC-228. Vinyl gloves are to be worn during the procedure and under no circumstances should they be removed until the procedure is done. At 22:00 each day, Dr. ███ should inform RPC-228 that they must return to their containment cell. At 06:00, RPC-228 is to undergo Procedure M before being allowed to leave their containment.

Description: RPC-228 prefers to be referred to and identified as "Malvyn". RPC-228 is a 1 meter tall sapient Cucurbita Pepo pumpkin, that is capable of speech by means that are currently unknown by the Authority. According to RPC-228, their ability to speak is “magical”, though these claims have yet to be confirmed. RPC-228 is capable of performing human-like movements, including but not limited to walking, grasping, jumping, and crouching. RPC-228 is able to perform these tasks using four vine constructed appendages, similar to human limbs. Inside of RPC-228's cranium, which is accessible by a pre-cut section, are seeds (hereafter referred to as RPC-228-1) that manifest in an unknown fashion. All instances of RPC-228-1 are to be handled with extreme caution, and are to be treated as a biohazard. RPC-228's pumpkin also contains an inextinguishable flame that Authority personnel have not been able to extinguish by any means. RPC-228 typically displays ecstatic behavior. RPC-228 constantly seeks affection throughout the day, and if ignored for relatively long periods of time, RPC-228 will display slowly intensifying symptoms of depression. It has been noted that Dr. ███ often divulges from his tasks to prevent this from occurring.

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