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Item #: RPC-236

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: Authority automated search programs, designated as Alpha-6, and Beta-2 are to be constantly searching for RCP-236 images. Class-B personnel is to check Alpha-6 and Beta-2 once every week for bugs or damaged equipment.

RCP-236-02 are to be given amnestics and released back into the general public. Tracking RCP-236 is to be top priority.

Description: RPC-236 is a cognitohazard, appearing on social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, etc. RPC-236-01 is the account which manifests RPC-236. RPC-236-01 account is designated as, "Superfan6." No other information is known about RPC-236-01. RPC-236 is an image which depicts the hero Superman. Effects of RPC-236 do not manifest until 24 hours after viewing of the image.

Viewers of the image, designated as RPC-236-02 are affected 24 hours after viewing. RPC-236-02 start believing that they are Superman themselves. The effects are random, but often include:

  • Wearing glasses
  • A complete change in personality, posture, and physical attributes
  • Intervening on crimes
  • Isolation
  • Physical Aggressiveness

RPC-236-02 actions will often turn more aggressive the longer they are affected. RPC-236-02 will often begin to attack civilians, believing that they are villains and criminals. Amnestics has been proven effective to negate the effect of RPC-236 on affected subjects.

RPC-236 came to Authority attention after an organized attack from instances of RPC-236-02 in ███████, Illinois on ██/██/2010. (See Addendum-236-A)

Addendum 236-A: On ██ /██/2010, 13 instances of RPC-236-02 began to attack civilians. A Mobile Strike Force was sent out. 8 of the affected were captured, 2 were terminated, and 3 escaped. There were 26 civilian casualties, 14 of which were fatal. The event was covered up as a terrorist attack.

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