Registered Phenomena Code: 242

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: All instances of RPC-242 are to be contained in a 4x4x3 meter incinerator containment cell type 3 on Site-23. Under no circumstance is RPC-242 to be taken out of its containment cell without the assistance of an ASF member equipped a small sized flame thrower in order to terminate any instances of RPC-242-2 that might be produced. Even so, anyone willing to take RPC-242 out of its cell are required to have at least Clearance Level 2 or above.

RPC-242's cell is to be kept at a constant temperature 65°C (149°F) with the exception of the incineration every 1 hour 45 minutes where temperatures will raise to 233°C (451°F). Incineration sessions take place in order to clean the containment chamber of any RPC-242-2 produced by RPC-242-1 Following these incineration sessions one (1) Class D personnel is assigned to sweep off the remaining ashes of RPC-242-2. All class D personnel who enter the containment cell of RPC-242 are instructed to place an opaque 20x20x20cm above RPC-242-1 before cleaning the containment cell. Class D personnel are instructed to thoroughly get rid of all ashes in RPC-242's cell in under 5 minutes. All other methods of cleaning the remains of RPC-242-2 have proved futile. These include, among others, acid baths of the entire room and air cleaning. Remains of RPC-242-2 seem to stick to the walls of the room and are unable to be removed even by specially modified roombas. This behaviour shall be looked into further.

Description: RPC-242-1 is a group of, at the time of writing, 5 (five) sheets of type 600 film, designed to be used with 600 and i-Type Polaroid cameras. Despite RPC-242-1 resembling feeling similar to type 600 film, it's properties are similar to those of [REDACTED], such as being fireproof and resistant to tearing and scratching as well as having a high melting point. However instances of RPC-242-1 show themselves to be great thermal and electrical insulators, unlike [REDACTED]. At normal pressure, instances of RPC-242-1 show no reactivity to known chemical elements or compounds available to the Authority, no matter what the temperature. However when put in vacuum they show reactivity with alkaline solutions. In order to preserve RPC-242-1 all tests have been ceased after the upper right corner of RPC-242-1-A has began dissolving into the alkaline solution. These tests have been effectuated in response to the events of Experiment-242-12.

Every 7 minutes each instance of RPC-242-1 (with the exception of RPC-242-1-E, which, at the time of writing, remains in the photo cartridge, undeveloped) produces a similar photo to itself, which will be given the name of RPC-242-2. RPC-242-2 is a copy of the corresponding RPC-242-1 instance on standard glossy photo paper. Each instance of RPC-242-2 has a small difference to the original picture. Said differences are unique to each instance of RPC-242-2.

RPC-242-1-A through D seem to clone themselves similar to how a cancer cell would, with the time of 7 minutes for each division being exactly 240 times faster than a cancerous A549 cell would. Despite this organic behaviour RPC-242-1 does not require food, light or water in order to survive. This has been proven by confining RPC-242-1 in a dark room with humidity levels near zero for █ months to no change RPC-242-1's behaviour. RPC-242-1 does, however, seem to be affected by the temperature of its environment. Higher temperatures are proven to drastically reduce RPC-242-1's division rate, going from 7 minutes to 5. It has been shown that any temperatures above 65°C give no better results.

RPC-242-1 have been acquired by MST Oscar-W0 from a remote house in ████████, ██████, South Yorkshire after reports of an old man in his ██'s obsessively hoarding photos to the point of his house being overfilled with them. MST Oscar-W0 has not looked at any photos directly with their eyes and wore ████████████ ████ Goggles in order to search for the man among the mountains of RPC-242-2. Upon discovery of the corpse, the man has been identified as Prof. ███████ ██████████, pioneer of the Instant Camera movement. Agent Jonathan decided to take his goggles of for a closer analysis of the corpse, leading to him being affected by RPC-242-2's effects. Agent Jonathan then dropped to the floor, suffering from intense seizures and died within a couple of minutes. After assessing the risk, Chief ███████ has placed 2(two) instances of RPC-242-2 into a mobile containment unit and proceeded to burn the rest of the house down, along with the rest of RPC-242-2. Following the termination of the area 3(three) photos along with a cartridge containing 2(two) blank photo films (which are now formally referred to as RPC-242-1) have been found undamaged. Chief ███████ has placed these in a separate mobile containment unit. Upon arrival at Site-23, 60 more copies of RPC-242-2 have been found in RPC-242-1's containment unit.

Dr. Baum has attempted to use one of the two photo films in the cartridge to see what the effects of it might be. Upon developing the picture he took (using a stock Polaroid 600 Impulse camera) of his pencil resting on a block of post-it notes, Dr. Baum reported seeing flashes, despite being in the Dark Room away from any source of light. He has also noted that he hears a persistent clicking sound every 7 minutes. The picture taken by Dr. Baum is now recognized as RPC-242-1-D. ██ months after this event Dr. Baum persisted to have the same symptoms as well as having a "significantly better memory compared to before". Dr. Baum was beginning to develop Alzheimer's disease prior to this event. No known cure for his symptoms has been found.

RPC ID Description
RPC-242-1 A group of 5 pictures on type 600 film. They show the ability to help subjects exposed to it better retain memories
RPC-242-1-A A picture of a young boy laying on a set of railroad tracks. The boy was identified as ██████ Evans. Location is currently unknown
RPC-242-1-B A deck of tarot cards seemingly produced by ████████ LTD. The card in picture are The Fool, ██████ and Judgement
RPC-242-1-C What appears to be a bottle of Водка ясного неба (English: "Clear Sky Vodka"). No such brand exists or has ever existed in Russia
RPC-242-1-D Dr. Baum's photo of his pencil on a stack of post-it notes
RPC-242-1-E Still yet unused. It is to remain in the photo film cartridge
RPC-242-2 Clones of RPC-242-1 made out of paper. Exposure to it leads to seizures and imminent death.
It is currently unknown whether RPC-242-1-A,B and C were taken by the same person, but the caustic effects caused by touching RPC-242-1 suggest each photo may have a different author

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