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RPC-247-1 in containment.

Item #: RPC-247

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-247 is to be contained at Site-02 within a 0.5 meter by 0.3 meter glass display case, along with 10 rounds of ammunition if a test is scheduled. All instances of RPC-247-2 fired during testing are to be recorded with slow-motion cameras to determine what projectile the instance of RPC-247-2 transformed into during flight.

Description: RPC-247-1 is a Mauser C96 pistol manufactured in 1909 for the civilian market. The words "Pandora's Pistol" are written in German, accompanied by a graphic of a square with 4 lines protruding are drawn on RPC-247-1. However, these markings have faded with wear and age. Any 7.63x25mm Mauser projectile loaded into RPC-247-1 is to be considered an instance of RPC-247-2. RPC-247-1's anomalous properties manifest when an instance of RPC-247-2 is fired out of RPC-247-1. In flight, RPC-247-2 will transform into a random projectile, with results ranging from 2.7mm Kolibri (See Test Log 247-3) to 20x110mm Hispano (See Test Log 247-1). On one instance, RPC-247-1 has fired the intended projectile properly (See Test Log 247-2)

Discovery: RPC-247-1 was recovered from the home of a firearms collector in ███████████, Michigan, On July 11th, 1967, When the owner decided to fire RPC-247-1 at his garage. One instance of RPC-247-2 created a hole in the owner's garage door, causing the owner to take a photograph of the incident. Similar tests with anti-material rifles has confirmed that the instance of RPC-247-2 transformed into a .50 BMG projectile in flight. An anonymous report was sent to the authority about RPC-247-1, and thus, a recovery team was dispatched. The homeowner was later administered amnestics.

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