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Item #: RPC-252


Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols:
RPC-252 can be placed in the most convenient storage area near the motor pool. Each access point into RPC-252 is to be padlocked and the entirety of the object is to be draped with a fitted tarp. RPC-252 should only be accessed for scheduled maintenance.

RPC-252 is a standard American school bus found long abandoned and beyond repair in the woods near the town of ████████. The bus number “252” is not on record for any local schools however investigation indicates that is more likely the fault of poor record keeping rather than anomalous behavior.

RPC-252's anomalous properties exhibit themselves when anyone goes to sleep in any seat inside of RPC-252. The sleeper, referred to RPC-252-2, has a dream of being a child again of roughly the age 11-13. In the dream RPC-252-2 is sitting by themselves in RPC-252 as it is driven down a country road consistent with an existing bus route that is in ████████. RPC-252 is filled with other children of similar ages and is driven by an elderly woman.

After minutes in the dream a child will approach RPC-252-2 and begin antagonizing him or her. No matter how RPC-252-2 attempts to diffuse the situation it will result in a physical altercation. After a single blow is landed in either direction RPC-252-2 will awaken from the dream with anxiety consistent with a bad dream. Also if they were the victim of the attack before waking they will show evidence of having suffered a minor facial injury consistent with what they sustained in the dream.

Experiment log:

Test Number: Experiment 252-1

Subject: D-Class Volunteer

Procedure: Volunteer RPC-252-2 was administered light sleeping drugs and instructed to make
himself comfortable within RPC-252. Afterwards he was interviewed and released.


Researcher: What did you see in your dream?

Volunteer: I was on the bus and a kid again. I recognized the shirt I was wearing it was my

Researcher: Did you recognize your surroundings?

Volunteer: No there were lots of trees. I grew up in ████████ and walked to school.

Researcher: Anyone on the bus familiar to you?

Volunteer: Not at all. I tried to talk to the girl in front of me but she blew me off. I felt like kind of a loser. And then that kid came up to me.

Researcher: Describe him.

Volunteer: Skinny kid. Blonde hair in like a bowl cut. Kid claimed to be a ninja and said he was
going to punch me.

Researcher: A ninja?

Volunteer: Yeah a ninja. I started to laugh at him and he popped me in the eye. That's when I
woke up.

Researcher: I think that's all we need. Get some aspirin on your way out.

Test Number 252-2

Subject: Class-C Compulsory

Procedure: Class-C secretary of previous researcher ordered to stay late for testing under threat of administrative discipline. Staff member was administered the same strength of sleeping drug as previous volunteer but with a hypodermic needle to increase anxiety. Afterwards she was interviewed and released.

Secretary: I told you I didn't want to do this.

Researcher: Your proteths were noted. Pleath tell me about your tream.

Secretary: Is your tooth…

Researcher: Ith fine.

Secretary: Well I was on the bus and obviously on my way to school. I felt pretty anxious because I never liked going to school.

Researcher: Did anything look thamiliar?

Secretary: Just my clothes. I recognized these really awful boots my mom bought me when I…

Researcher: Tell me about the bully.

Secretary: Well he was the only person who would talk to me. (noting here that the test subject pauses) He kind of looked like you.

Researcher: Like me?

Secretary: Yeah I mean like I would imagine kid you looked like. More hair and chubby cheeked. Anyway he was very aggressive and tried to attack me.

Researcher: How dith you rethpond?

Secretary: I caught him in the mouth with my textbook.

Researcher: Dith you hath to uth a book?

Secretary: Sorry.

Researcher: Ith fine. You can go now.

Results: Entered by Class-B Researcher ████ ██████

While test subject of experiment 252-2 was sleeping on the RPC-252 I monitored her condition at my makeshift workstation in motor pool █. Before the awakening of D-Class test subject 252-1 a growing bruise spread across his left eye moments before he awoke with a start. He reported no pain in his face until approximately 3 minutes after waking. Possibly a result of the sleep aids administered.

While observing subject 252-2 found myself violently spilled from my chair and the taste of blood in my mouth. Recordings show 252-2 sat up immediately after I went down. I report instant pain and need to put in an appointment with a dentist.

Research has determined that the bully in the dream is a manifestation whoever has caused the most recent stress in the sleepers life. I recommend that RPC-252 be sealed and scheduled to be dismantled no later than ██/██/████ lest supervisors began to suffer mysterious black eyes for assigning overtime.

Addendum: RPC-252 was discovered after reports of mysterious injuries occurring every morning in ████████. Upon locating RPC-252 the source of the “dream attacks” was revealed to be a transient who was using the bus for shelter. His “victims” were citizens of ████████ who had, in his words “hassled” him when he went into town during the day. He had no knowledge the dreams were anything more than dreams.

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