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Item #: RPC-266

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-266 is to be kept inside a 3x3x3 meter containment unit located at Site-██. Motion detectors are in place for personnel to maintain surveillance within the cell. RPC-266 is not to be recorded or photographed unless express permission is given by someone with a minimum of level-3 security clearance.

Description: RPC-266 is a wooden padlocked chest measuring one meter in length and half meter in height and width. The process that unlocks it is unknown as there is no documentation during the single time RPC-266 has been opened, see Event Log-22434 for details. Attempts to open RPC-266 via destruction of the box or the lock have been ineffective by either damaging the box or locking mechanism.

Personnel who view RPC-266 experience having a urge to open it, this effect is not exclusive to subjects in the physical presence of RPC-266 viewing it, as personnel who have viewed images of RPC-266 experience the same effect and seem to instinctively know its location up to a minimum of 24 kilometers away.

Subjects attempting to open RPC-266 find themselves unable, this results in them becoming distraught, subjects will begin to attempt to open RPC-266 using whatever tools are around them. Eventually subjects will resort to using unorthodox methods of accessing RPC-266. Eventually this behavior will result in the death of the subject if not separated from RPC-266. Subjects who have been exposed to RPC-266 have also been recorded exerting force that far exceeds normal human bodily limits, the processes behind this are still unknown.

Addendum: As of ██/██/████ all further testing of RPC-266 is to be halted until further notice. See event log-22434 for details.

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