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RPC-270, deactivated


Item #: RPC-270

Object Class: Gamma Neutralized

Containment Protocols: RPC-270 has been contained within the small town of ██████, kept under surveillance should it become active again. The surrounding area has been cordoned off to prevent civilians from entering. All electronic equipment capable of emitting/receiving a radio signal is not permitted. The entire area will be converted into a new site, designated OL-Site-70; at a later date.

Description: RPC-270 is a Sentinel Model 268T Tube Radio, dated 1942. RPC-270, when activated, emits a short-range radio signal that will be automatically picked up by other devices in its range, such as other radios or handheld transceivers. RPC-270 must be connected to a power source to function.

The signal has the anomalous property of making people act out "intrusive thoughts" upon hearing it. The Authority was alerted to RPC-270's existence when reports of people taking their clothing off and congregating in the town square began circulating. A mass orgy took place for approximately 7 hours before the first sign of aggression was shown when a male subject attacked a female participant, gouging [DATA EXPUNGED]; proclaiming, "only he can be the listener".

RPC-270 was deactivated by MST Echo-34 after being inserted into the area at [REDACTED], RPC-270 was taken to [DATA EXPUNGED] to be kept under close supervision while studies take place.

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