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RPC-2721-J prior to containment.

Item #: RPC-2721-J

Object Class: Sensual Diabetic

Containment Protocols: RPC-2721-J is allowed to freely roam the facility as long as they are accompanied by at least one member of MST-Whiskey-01, Codename “White Knights”. RPC-2721-J is to be contained in a Class-C Anti-Teleportation “DESU” Containment Cell. This is because RPC-2721-J has been reported to have teleportation powers when in her “Goddess Form”. No windows are to be present in the containment cell as at the time of writing RPC-2721-J has attempted to commit suicide [REDACTED] times. She has, since the last attempt, been moved to her current containment cell. It is important for an Atomic Counter to register every manifestation of RPC-2721-J-2. Due to the lack of usage from RPC-2721-J-2, manifestations of RPC-2721-J-2 are to be ignored.

Description: RPC-2721-J is a sentient (not sapient) overweight Caucasian female of unknown origin. The subject exhibits a foul odor and is noted to speak an unknown southern dialect. RPC-2721-J is noted to be able to speak fluent Italian Gibberish, with words from Moldovan Romanian mixed in. The subject’s anomalous properties manifest in what is colloquially known by RPC-2721-J as her “Goddess form”. RPC-2721-J is very aggressive and will violently attack anything that attempts to say anything that she doesn’t agree with, even if it is true. RPC-2721-J is noted to enjoy Nightcore music.

RPC-2721-J-2 is eight barrel burst-fire shotgun with which RPC-2721-J will attempt to plan what she calls a “school shooting” at Site-██, despite this being obviously not a school. Since Incident-2721-J-002A, RPC-2721-J-2 is considered useless due to the fact that it always misses, even at point blank range.

RPC-2721-J is reported to have a close yet unknown relationship with RPC-666-J. RPC-666-J has been reported to regard RPC-2721-J as “the only lady I want that my swagger cannot lure”, and will often breach containment to be with them. Due to this RPC-2721-J and RPC-666-J are to be placed in different sites at all times.

Incident Log:

[REDACTED INCIDENTS 2721-J-003A TO 2721-J-999∞]

Interview Log:

Addendum Log:

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