RPC-273 during an annual Alpha Class RPC Photoshoot.

Registered Phenomena Code: 273

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-273 is to be kept in a standard 3m x 3m compartment cell on Site-12. At least 10 kg (22 lbs) of hay is to be added on the cell floor and renewed every three (3) months. Chemical residues left on the old hay will be studied to learn more about Neuroscience. Therapeutic objects must be added all around the cell including but not limited to:
Three (3) pictures of RPC-273 and the J███ family
One (1) polished oak table (more detail)
One (1) wardrobe containing at least eight (8) articles of clothing
Nine (9) books (An English dictionary, a science book, an encyclopedia, 5 storybooks and "The █████")

RPC-273 is allowed to leave its cell at any time as long as it’s accompanied by at least 1 staff member, if such events such as self-destruction/self-harming occurs, immediately bring the RPC to the communication center for a simple "Family pep talk". Scheduled contact with A█████ J███ and N██████ J███ every Saturday is given to RPC-273 for only 5 minutes at a time. Any personnel that intentionally or unintentionally stressed RPC-273 out will be reprimanded.

Description: RPC-273 is a human shaped mass of hay and wood stuffed in human clothing, otherwise known as a Scarecrow. Measuring 1.5 m in height and 21 kg in weight, there is not much dissimilarity between RPC-273 and the average scarecrow in an external visual standpoint. But inside, RPC-273 possesses an extraordinarily detailed body component such as joints, ribs, spines and hands. Hidden inside of the RPC-273’s head sack of hay is a small speaker. The USB cord that was input to the speaker have been cut in half. This odd contraption grants RPC-273 the ability to speak in a soothing, but albeit distorted manner.

The hay in the head sack has an oddly rotten and metallic odor to it. When examined, the hay inside of RPC-273’s head sack has been contaminated by a chemical mixture of zinc, manganese, potassium, sodium, chloride, carbon and ███████. This odd mixture of molecules is accompanied by an invisible mass of cells lacking in any kind of genome. This mass is all around the hays inside and outside of RPC-273, spreading about like organic [REDACTED].

RPC-273 is sentient and sapient. In spite of its lack of biological/mechanical components, object is also capable of stiff, humanoid actions. RPC-273 has no need for food, water nor sleep despite its constant usage of energy. This anomalous effect of producing energy is true for all of RPC-273’s components except for its speaker. To speak, batteries are required to be inserted in to the head sack. When done, electrical ions are conducted straight in to the speaker’s USB chord thus, granting RPC-273 the ability to speak.

When a child (ages 0-12) is sighted, RPC-273 will follow the child and attempt to protect it from any harm even if it means dying. This affair will continue on until the child is under protection of a much more capable subject. Similar result will occur if a wounded person or pregnant woman is seen. This behavior appears to be out of pure instinct. When asked, RPC-273 responded with nothing. If RPC-273 fails to escort subjects to safety, RPC-273 will self-destruct. Self-destruction involves RPC-273 ripping itself apart and [REDACTED], this process will continue on until irreversible damage.

RPC-273 was found in the home of J███ when a concerned neighbor reported to the police that a walking scarecrow has been sighted. This report was conducted back at October 31st (Halloween), so the sighting of what was most likely a trick or treater wasn’t taken seriously until another similar report was conducted by a different neighbor 5 days later. A field agent infiltrated the home of J███ to find out that [DATA EXPUNGED] later, the couple [REDACTED] and RPC-273 was taken in to Authoritarian custody.

Case-103 273

After a short incident involving RPC-273's capture, Protocol: Blackstrike is to be completely terminated for any future use. As for the "Father" of RPC-273, further research and several interviews with A█████ J███ and N██████ J███, concluded that 1█ year old child known as S████ J███ was found dead [DATA EXPUNGED]. Not even his parents knew what happened, but whatever happened, RPC-273 is involved somehow. There was no tendency to self-destruct or to protect others before the mysterious death of S████ J███, for 5 days, both S████ and RPC-273 went missing and only RPC-273 heavily wounded and in the brink of death.

0█/██/17 Detective Lewis Velon is on the case.

██/0█/1█ Case discontinued.

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