RPC-279 as USS Snook in 1943.

Registered Phenomena Code: 279

Object Class: Alpha Beta-White

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-279 is to remain at Underwater Site 032. Access to RPC-279 will be allowed only to those with level 2 level 3 clearance1. RPC-279 is to be located in Chamber 01 at all times. Chamber 01 may be flooded during experiments conducted upon the nature of the stasis field affecting RPC-279.

Description: RPC-279 is the "wreck" of the Gato-class submarine USS Snook, designation SS-279. USS Snook, a decorated boat which sank multiple ships in the Second World War, went missing on April 8, 1945 and was soon thereafter declared lost, with the probable cause being given as an encounter with Japanese submarines or aircraft near the Luzon Strait; however, nothing was ever officially attributed to having caused her loss until 19██.

USS Snook notably took part in the sinking of Arisan Maru, a "hell ship"2 which was sunk on October 24, 1944. In 199█, Dr. Nicolaus surmised, and was later proven correct, that Snook knowingly attacked Arisan Maru on the orders of [REDACTED].

On ███████ █, 1974, during the [REDACTED] Incident involving USS Bronstein and [REDACTED], AWACS aircraft under the command of Commander ██████ F██████ detected a second previously undiscovered submerged contact traveling at a speed of approximately 7 knots. This object, recorded at approximately 95m in length, was tracked for approximately fourteen minutes simultaneously by four AWACS aircraft under F██████'s command, during which time it traveled approximately ██ kilometers and went to a depth of nearly ███ meters below the surface. After this point, the object vanished from radar3. Commander F██████ and his men were shortly thereafter administered class A amnestics after debriefing by Authority personnel.

The "wreck" of USS Snook was discovered two days later during a radar sweep of the ocean floor in relation to the [REDACTED] Incident; almost immediately, the Authority became involved, and after the conclusion of the Incident, jurisdiction of the area fell under the Authority4. Underwater surveys by Authority personnel concluded that the "wreck" was indeed that of USS Snook, and it received its current designation, RPC-279. RPC-279 has been observed to be in a stasis field of unknown origin5 which has kept the boat and all of its artifacts and contents in perfect condition, assumed to be its condition at the moment of its disappearance. Entrance to RPC-279 can be effected through the use of its topside hatches; water does not flood the interior of RPC-279 if the hatches are left open6. However, no remains of the crew were discovered, and the whereabouts and fate of the crew remain unknown7.

Discovered aboard RPC-279 are also several apocryphal items which are not believed to have originally been aboard shortly before its appearance. These items include, in their entirety:

  • A hardcover copy of A Life of Consequence: Howard Hernandez, a biography of "President Howard Hernandez", who, according to the author [REDACTED], served as President of the United States from 2███ to 2███; published in 2███ by Blue Steel Press.
  • An unloaded Land Pattern Musket, commonly referred to as a "Brown Bess", with the date "1769" engraved on it.
  • A 10x15 cm color photograph of what appears to be George Washington, with the words "All my Love" written in what has been determined to be his handwriting on its reverse. The photograph bears a striking resemblance to Rembrandt Peale's portrait of Washington in military garb done in 18238.
  • A copy of the Bible written in Etruscan; radiocarbon dating places its creation around [REDACTED].
  • A roll of film containing an identical copy of Life magazine's damaged Zapruder film.
  • A supposed undelivered speech written in Franklin Delano Roosevelt's hand titled "Operation Unthinkable — Public Statement of Opening of Hostilities", to be delivered "on or shortly after June 1, 1945".
  • A black-and-white photograph of Commander Walling, the boat's captain, and two crew in what has been determined to be Ho Chi Minh City. A flag of the Republic of Vietnam is visible in the distance.
  • A radio transcript from Apollo 18 dated to February 18, 1973. Included in the transcript are Richard F. Gordon Jr., Harrison Schmidt, and [DATA EXPUNGED].
  • A photograph of [REDACTED] taken in Venezuela, dated to May or June 1949.

How these items found their way to RPC-279 is unknown as yet9.

RPC-279 has displayed characteristics akin to B6B RCEs, particularly spontaneous activation of electric equipment aboard and [REDACTED], which is perhaps the strongest piece of evidence which lends credence to Dr. ██████'s postulation. Other properties exhibited by RPC-279 include the unsolicited and unpredictable teleportation of objects within its hull. The teleportation of objects or Authority personnel within RPC-279 has been observed to be up to distances of around ████ km, and it is believed that RPC-279's teleportation properties may carry objects much further10. As of ███ █, ████, it is unknown if RPC-279 exhibits any as-yet undiscovered memetic properties.

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