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Item #: RPC-299

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-299 is to be stored in soundproofed, 4m x 4m x 4m room at Site-██ with a single entrance and a large viewing window. RPC-299 is to be placed in on top of a 1m pillar. If any instances of RPC-299-1 emerge living they are to be moved to a small humanoid containment cell with a bed, a bathroom and a TV along with access to television and books pre approved by the Authority.

Description: RPC-299 is 1m x 1m x 1m jet black cube with no discernible marks or signs of wear. RPC-299 feels smooth with a temperature of -1°C. RPC-299 remains inactive for 8 months and 27 days before activation. Upon activation, RPC-299 begins to vibrate, creating a humming noise reaching 95 dB for the entirety of RPC-299's activation period.

During RPC-299 activation, a human body, referred to as RPC-299-1, will begin to emerge from RPC-299. RPC-299-1 emerges headfirst from RPC-299; this has been described as looking as if RPC-299-1 was emerging from water. RPC-299's activation lasts for 2 to 3 hours.

So far there have been 23 instances of RPC-299-1 since reclamation. There are two categories of RPC-299-1, referred to as RPC-299-1-a and RPC-299-1-b. 22 of the 23 instances of RPC-299-1 that have emerged were deceased.

RPC-299-1-a appears to be a Caucasian male, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Instances of RPC-299-1-a are 1.7m tall, weigh 64kg and appear near 30 years of age. RPC-299-1-b appears to be an African female with curly, short hair and brown eyes. Instances of RPC-299-1-b are 1.4m tall, weigh 68kg and appear near 25 years of age. The only living instance of RPC-299-1 was an instance of RPC-299-1-a.

Recovery Notes: RPC-299 was recovered from █████████, Russia in ██/██/19██ by the Russian police at a crime scene where an instance of RPC-299-1 was discovered. At the time, it was considered a murder case, and RPC-299 was confiscated as evidence, until a second instance of RPC-299-1 manifested. Deafening several of the nearby civilians. At this point the Authority was notified and brought RPC-299 and the instance of RPC-299-1 were brought to site ██.

RPC-299-1-a interview log 1

Interviewed: RPC-299-1-a instance 18

Interviewer: Researcher ██████

Foreword: RPC-0299-1-a instance 18 is so far the only instance of RPC-299-1 to emerge alive. This interview was conducted shortly after this instance of RPC-0299-1 appeared.

<Begin Log>

Researcher ██████: Hello, instance 18, what is the last thing you remember.

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: Where am I?

Researcher ██████: I'm afraid I can't tell you that at the moment, instance 18.

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: Why are you calling me that, why are you calling me instance 18?

Researcher ██████: I can't tell you that either instance 18, what is the last thing you remember?

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: I was… I was underwater. At least it felt like it. It was.. It was cold but, but their was something warm tracing along my back, up and down. I… I couldn't see.

Researcher ██████: How long were you there?

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: It felt like, forever and only a second.

Researcher ██████: What about before that, do you remember anything before that?

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: I, I think chanting maybe. Maybe someone talking in a foreign language?

Researcher ██████: Do you remember what they said, what did it sound like?

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: I don't know. It had allot of v sounds I think. Allot of vees and vuhs. I think she was saying it, the same 3one who was touching my back.

Researcher ██████: Why do you call it a she, did you see her?

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: No, I didn't see her. It just, It just felt female.

Researcher ██████: Okay, do you remember anything else instance 18?

RPC-299-1-a instance 18: No, I think thats everything.

Researcher ██████: Okay, you may return to containment instance 18.

<End Log>

Closing Statements: Since original interview RPC-299-1-Alpha instance 18 has claimed to repeat the scenario he has described in his dreams. Along with claiming to occasionally hear the voice in his waking life, describing it as if someone was whispering in his ear.

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