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Infrared imaging of RPC-301.

Item #: RPC-301

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: At this time, remote-controlled auditory bait stations within Site-15 have been placed to contain the anomaly in a controlled outdoor environment. These stations include speakers that must keep a constant level of 200 dbs every hour for RPC-301 to gravitate between each speaker during their activation intervals. This is to prevent the anomaly from causing permanent loss of sound. RPC-301's containment area must be enclosed by double sided sound proof walls. Research personnel are required to wear noise-cancelling headphones when in the premise. Backup generators are put in place in the event of a power-outage to ensure RPC-301's containment. In the event of a containment breach, Site-15 is to deploy a fighter jet equipped with a speaker broadcasting at 200+ dbs at high frequency to draw RPC-301 away from any populated regions.

Description: RPC-301 is classified as a terrestrial-level distortion of space-time. Although not directly visible to the naked eye, RPC-301 visibly distorts the atmosphere around it. It can be seen directly through the use of infrared imaging. RPC-301 is capable of absorbing all frequencies of sound within a 500m radius and is able to respond to perceived sources of sound 10 to 15 miles away, evidenced by the recovery operation.1

RPC-301 will usually linger within the region for a total of five minutes and thirty-seven seconds if there are no other external sources available. Within this time frame, RPC-301 will leave behind an anomalous residue carrying traces of Hawking radiation which distorts space-time in the environment and individuals affected by RPC-301. Observational reports indicate that the residual effects prevents the molecules from vibrating, and thus, are incapable of producing any auditory feedback. This same phenomenon extends towards individuals directly affected by RPC-301. Even when outside the affected regions, the afflicted will be unable to perceive any sound due to the bones in the middle ear failing to transfer the vibrations to the auditory nerve. Those not affected by RPC-301 will still find themselves incapable of perceiving and producing sound within the affected regions, but the residual effect will not carry over onto them should they leave.

RPC-301 was recovered on ██/██/2009 from [REDACTED], Arizona following a localized societal breakdown. The anomaly was uncontained for five days prior to Authority intervention. Casualties were estimated to be around 52. MST Echo-21 ("Sleeping Sirens") was tasked with assessing the situation and containing the anomaly. Upon their arrival, RPC-301 approached the MST at ██mph, prompting them to open fire on contact. Audio communications with MST Echo-21 were lost. However, visual reports showed the squad was still active during engagement.

Five minutes after initial contact, RPC-301 left the area, heading north. RPC-301 was then successfully contained 4.5 hours after. Visual recordings show the anomaly gravitating towards a geyser that erupted approximately 10.2 miles from its initial location.

MST Echo-21 and the remaining population of the town were brought in by the Authority for examination. Their ability to communicate vocally and perceive sounds were removed but interviews were still conducted through instant messaging. The effects of the residue are irreversible at this point and time.

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