Registered Phenomena Code: 304

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-304 is to be contained in a modified, pre-existing “igloo” bunker in the area above Site-67’s Chief Cornstalk Research Center. The door to this bunker has been welded from the inside and had its external ventilation sealed with 6 layers of ballistic glass. Steel reinforcements have been installed to prevent breakouts. A viewing room with maintenance access is connected to the main bunker via an airlock.

Straw bedding, a mirror, and a suspended perch must be provided to RPC-304 and changed out whenever appropriate. Workers must clean out RPC-304’s cell no less than once per week. All biological material collected during this process must be sent to the Biological Research Unit in the Biochemical Sciences wing of Site-67 for study and disposal.

Should RPC-304 misbehave in any way, its containment chamber should be flooded with CS gas until RPC-304 is subdued. A Kolokol-1 solution should be deployed to avoid agitation and ensure a rapid incapacitation.

For this reason, any personnel working in RPC-304’s cell must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Proper PPE consists of 1 gas mask, 1 tinted visor, 2 rubber gloves, and 1 full-body chemical hood. Failure to equip proper PPE may result in suffocation. In addition, workers must avoid eye contact with RPC-304. Should eye contact occur, the witness must report immediately to the Emergency Services division of Site-67 for a psychological examination.

Description: RPC-304 is a large, flight-capable, semi-humanoid biped standing 3.7 meters tall with a 9.8 meter wingspan. RPC-304 weighs in at 682 pounds. Its most prominent features are its two glowing red eyes and a strange, dusty residue it excretes from its skin.

RPC-304 was most active during the years 1966 and 1967 in northern West Virginia. It is has been determined to be extraterrestrial in origin, but it is uncertain exactly where it originates from. Given its incredibly otherworldly abilities, it is likely it is at least aware of higher dimensions of perception.

RPC-304 has psychoactive abilities, including the implanting of premonitions, most famous of which was the prediction of the collapse of the Silver Bridge. RPC-304's eyes seem to be its primary means of communication. Upon viewing its eyes, the viewer's mind is imprinted with messages, which compels the them to draw or write out the message themselves, often in handwriting or artistic styles that vary wildly from their own. The longer the viewer waits to express the message, the more negative mental effects will manifest, often in the form of schizophrenia, but bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder are often also found in viewers.

After the bridge collapse, the RPC field units deployed in the area deemed it a threat and detained it after engaging it in the ██████ family farm after Mr. ██████ inadvertently trapped it in a barn after engaging it himself with a double barrel Iver Johnson shotgun (Inventory #████████). Mr. ██████ and his family were given a propranolol cocktail to induce amnesia.

When found, RPC-304 was bleeding a combination of water, blood, ███████, and waste materials from 14 bullet wounds. RPC-304 was brought into the newly renovated CCRC in Site-67 and placed in a modified TNT bunker after being nursed by veterinary staff.

RPC-304 remained docile until ██,██,████, when it began screeching for █ days until finally slamming into the weakened roof of its cell hard enough to shatter it. It then flew 878km to █████████ before being contained by a local RPC task force. █ days later, the ████ attacks occurred. RPC-304 was afterwards relocated its current reinforced bunker.

RPC-304 was again docile until 2005, when it began letting out similar screeches. It has not attempted a similar breakout, but the screeches continue in a pattern that seems to coincide with natural disasters and other mass-casualty events.

Artificial bones were found inside RPC-304 during its surgery that were damaged by buckshot. These bones were replaced with titanium duplicates and analyzed. They point towards RPC-304 being over ████ years old, and possibly older. This information is to remain sensitive, as it could confirm the existence of ██████ and ██████.

Addendum: The spontaneous creation of RPC-681 could be related to RPC-304’s confinement. Mr. ███████ theorized that RPC-681 could possibly be a manifestation of RPC-304’s isolation. If true, this means RPC-304 can possibly physically or metaphysically displace its own emotions, which could explain its telepathic abilities.

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