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Item #: RPC-310

Object Class: Beta

Containment Procedures: OL-Site-12 is to surround RPC-310. ASF-Omega-01 “The Banshee” and ASF-Omega-02 “Hell Hounds” are to maintain a 15x15 meter perimeter around RPC-310. Any non-hostile entity that leave RPC-310 should be sent to a 10x10 meter containment chamber at Extraplanetary-Site-002 if possible. Any non-hostile humanoids exiting RPC-310 should be detained and sent back through RPC-310. Hostile humanoid or organism exiting RPC-310 should be terminated immediately. Personnel working inside RPC-310 in Extraplanetary-Site-002 are not to interact with any RPC-310-01-A instance.

Any personnel working with organisms or microorganisms found inside RPC-310 (Also known as RPC-310-A) should wear Class IV Hazmat Suits. Any RPC-310-01-A instance that find Extraplanetary-Site-002 should be detained, interrogated, and be administered EG-2 INAN Extergito Glyphs. Contact with any organization or society inside RPC-310-A should be avoided.

ASF-Omega-03 “Tell Tales” and ASF-Oscar-04 “The Wicked Hand” are to hold a secure perimeter around Extraplanetary-Site-002. MST-Omega-05 “Delta Force One” and MST-Oscar-06 “Speed Strikers” are to operate inside RPC-310-A extract any useful information and/or materials.

Description: RPC-310 is a spacetime anomaly which is believed to be an Einstein-Rosen Bridge (Also known as a wormhole) located in the Tongass National Forest, Alaska. The RPC-310 is circular and is five (5) meters in height and around five (5) meters in length. If a subject enters RPC-310, they’ll find themselves in RPC-310-A.

RPC-310-A is a planet located 13.3 light-years from earth located in the MACS0647-JD galaxy. RPC-310-A is similar to earth. The atmosphere of RPC-310-A is composed of 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. RPC-310-A rotates a G-type main-sequence star. RPC-310-A contains three continents and one hundred and twenty islands. RPC-310-A is life sustaining and contains a variety of organisms, including RPC-310-01.

RPC-310-01-A are humans that live on RPC-310-A. RPC-310-01-A are 100% biologically and genetically related to modern humans. RPC-310-01-A are currently the dominant species on RPC-310-A. RPC-310-01 species speak a form of Latin. Many RPC-310-01 species are in the technological level of humans in medieval times. Many RPC-310-01 species live cities made of populations of ten thousand to twenty thousand. These cities and their populace follow a caste system.

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