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Item#: RPC-367


RPC-367 during initial contact with ASF Unit 63 in Site A-0.

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-367 is to be contained by 4-meter-high electric fencing, reinforced by medium security patrol along the on site perimeter held within Site B-1. Site B-1 has been purchased by the Authority in order to drive away suspicion from the local population. Any attempts to directly touch RPC-367 or RPC-367-1 without protective equipment is strictly forbidden as physical contact is the only known method of infection. Any instance of RPC-367-1 seen outside of Site B-1 is to be reported immediately and directly to ASF security personnel on, or near location. Any signs of local civilian infection from RPC-367 or RPC-367-1 must be reported to Dr.██████ for further research. In the event that RPC-367-1 infects any area outside of Site B-1, protocol Zulu-7 is to be enacted.

Description: RPC-367 is a humanoid entity, measuring in at 3 meters tall, and weighing approximately 285.63 kilograms. RPC-367 has no identifiable facial features besides a mouth, connected to a tube similar in composition to an umbilical cord, both in physical appearance and practical use. RPC-367's body appears to be made of pure biomass although any attempt to recover a segment from RPC-367's main vessel has proven unsuccessful. RPC-367 resides within a three story building including the basement. Each floor is to be labeled in order of floor level as Site A-0,1, and 2.

RPC-367 was brought to the Authority's attention after reports of "Explosions" (most likely RPC-367's trigger event) flooded into the █████████ P.D in ██████ Florida. During initial inspection from the outside of the █████████ Dormitory (later labeled Site B-1) no suspicions were raised until local police described "Hellish Sounds" from inside and outside the immediate area of Site B-1. ASF Unit 63 (Golden Gargoyles) responded on scene to sweep the building. Inside Site B-1, ASF discovered numerous growths infesting the walls, floors, and ceilings (Labeled RPC-367-1) some including identifiably human features such as appendages and facial features.

RPC-367-1 have been identified as the remains of 12 former residents of Site-B-1 prior to RPC-367's trigger event, with 23 residents still missing assumed dead (One Resident discovered alive, see Interview log-2) until further expedition. This trend continued until RPC-367 was discovered in the basement level of Site B-1. Here ASF encountered RPC-367, inhabiting a room styled in 16th Century Brutalist architecture, adorned with furnishings and paintings identified as authentic Renaissance pieces. RPC-367 shows no direct hostile intent and is capable of complex speech in at least 16 languages, one not yet identified (see Interview log-1). After examination of the floor plan of Site A-0, it is believed RPC-367 appeared from an interdimensional rift which replaced the original basement (now referred to as RPC-367's trigger event).

RPC-367 proceeded to infect residents who decided to investigate, creating RPC-367-1 which now infest the entire building. RPC-367-1 is an extension of RPC-367's vessel created from previously alive tissues to be converted into biomass by infection spread by physical contact with RPC-367 effectively serving as storage for RPC-367's collection of knowledge. After infection, RPC-367-1 quickly moves into the brain stem of it's host, talking control of the brain. In stage two, the host seeks to spread it's infection to others by attacking them. In the final stage of infection, RPC-367-1 "plants" itself into a surface nearby RPC-367, supplying RPC-367 with the nutrients and knowledge the host once held.

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