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Exterior of the Quarantine Zone.


Interior of the Quarantine Zone.

Item #: RPC-382

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: Perimeter walls that measures 5.9 meters tall and 1.8 meters deep in the ground, along with barbed wires connected by via electrical circuits are to be established within the Quarantine Zone of OL-Site-132, as to contain and prevent the instances of RPC-382 from escaping, and causing a containment breach. Due to the location of RPC-382, and transporting RPC-382 is unavailable; OL-Site-132 was retrofitted with a permanent research facility that was constructed outside of the Quarantine Zone. Any suspicious activity being observed within the Quarantine Zone are to be immediately reported to ASF security personnel.

Under no circumstances should onsite personnel enter the Quarantine Zone without the approval of the Director of OL-Site-132. Due to security concerns, Mobile Strike Team Victor-037 ("Web Killers") are to be garrisoned within OL-Site-132 assisting ASF personnel, and any such approval of entering the Quarantine Zone; Authority Personnel are to be accompanied by four armed personnel, and wear a Level B hazardous material protection as the Quarantine's atmosphere is environmentally contaminated with high levels of cyanogen chloride (See Addendum 382.01).

Venturing further into the nesting grounds of instances of RPC-382 is strictly prohibited, and any requests of extracting any instances of RPC-382 must be approved by the Director of OL-Site-132. In the event of a containment breach, all instances attempting to breakout of the Quarantine Zone are to be immediately terminated on sight.

Description: RPC-382 are a sentient organism that resembles a spider species of the Lycosa tarantula; however, instances of RPC-382 may differ varies in terms of size, which a matured instance can be 2.48 meters tall and weighing at 975 kilograms.

Further examinations onto the neurotoxins revealed that upon initial injection on a subject, the neurotoxins would begin to develop into cells at an accelerating rate, which overtime begins to develop into an invertebrate eggs that would appear on the subject's skin as bulging boils around the body, and can appear hundreds— not if thousands over the period of twenty four hours. Following initial injection within 24 hours; these invertebrate eggs will begin to burst open and will kill the subject in the process.1 (See Addendum 382.02)

However, it's been identified and observed that RPC-382-1 acts as some sort of leader, or commander, towards the entire species of RPC-382; which is lighten to the fact that RPC-382-1 appears differently to the rest of the species as RPC-382-1 has a larger abdomen, six white eyes, ten spiny legs, and also appears to be accompanied by six instances of RPC-382 that has been observed to act as some sort of guards towards RPC-382-1. More information regarding RPC-382-1 is unavailable as previous attempts to maintain visual have been unsuccessful; the last visual contact of RPC-382-1 was in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Arachnologists who are stationed within OL-Site-132 have studied the species of RPC-382 and discovered that they have a defensive feature that involves using their webbings as a means of projectile from their abdomen; which these webbings have be analyzed to be ten times tougher than a regular Kevlar vest.2

The ecological habitats found within the Quarantine Zone are operated by the instances of RPC-382, and are widely believed to be the center of incubation of captured and injected subjects. Under the orders of the Director of OL-Site-132, and the approval of the Global Directors; the termination of these ecological habitats are to be operated under every month as a means to control the rapid population growth of the instances of RPC-382.

Discovery: In ██/██/██, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was monitoring an unidentified object that had been detected over near Kepler-186f as it drifted off course at an accelerating rate, which was calculated by officials to be traveling at the cruising speed of [DATA EXPUNGED]. At 14:04 PM EST, the object had collided with one of the satellites upon entering into the Earth's orbit, and crashing in the continent of Northern America, specifically, at an isolated town in ██████████, Nebraska.

Following the initial crash of the object in Nebraska, a detachment of the Nebraskan National Guard was dispatched to contain and retrieve the object, and temporarily set up a military exclusion zone around the proximity of the crash site. A decontamination center was also set up within the zone to decontaminate any present extraterrestrial bacteria, or other organisms that may have threatened the Earth's biosphere.

During the initial phase of decontamination, four military personnel onsite had failed to report back within a two hour period. Twenty four hours later, the military exclusion zone had been compromised, and lead the nearby town of ██████████, Nebraska, to inexplicable go into silence. The Nebraskan National Guard had expanded the military exclusion zone into a five mile radius and was resdesignated as the Quarantine Zone. Prior to the unsuccessful attempts to maintain contact within the Quarantine Zone, and local authorities within the town; the Nebraskan National Guard sent a small task force to investigate the condition of the the local town. However, upon arriving, the task force had experienced technical issues with their communications, and soon lost contact within a period of two and a half hours.

The Authority was immediately contacted and took over onsite operations within the Quarantine Zone.

Addendum 382.01: Environment Report of the Quarantine Zone.

The Quarantine Zone has been analyzed by the environmental specialists, and have uncovered that the atmospheric levels within the zone contained high concentrated levels of cyanogen chloride. The origin of the atmospheric development is currently being debated, but it's theorized that when the object crashed within the original military exclusion zone; the object released some sort of gas that had merged with other chemicals, such as sodium cyanide, to form cyanogen chloride.

Fortunately, the Director of OL-Site-132 had ordered the construction of controlled ventilation within the Quarantine Zone as to control the atmospheric levels, and preventing it from spreading outside of the OL-Site.

Addendum 382.02: Transcript of Neurotoxins Experiment.

On ██/██/██, Dr. Pierson was supervising the experiments of the neurotoxins sample that was taken from a captured specimen from the Quarantine Zone. An Authority Security Force team, equipped with Flamethrowers, was stationed outside of the testing chamber, and were awaiting on orders for the termination of D-24738.

Note(s): The experiment was to observe the administer, and the biological side effects of the neurotoxins reacting within the human body.

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