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Item #: RPC-404

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-404 is to be maintained securely within a contained storage lockup located in Section █ of Site-88 whenever it is not assigned for authorized use. Said storage facility is only accessible by Authority personnel with Level-3 security clearance or higher, and attempted access of RPC-404's containment facility without proper credentials will result in immediate termination. Similarly, if any on-site personnel (regardless of clearance level) remove RPC-404 from holding without permission by the Board of Global Directors for any reason other than mandated routine inspection, they will undergo amnestic administration and subsequent termination.

If RPC-404 is commissioned for containment or any other Authority-authorized use (see Document ██████-T by request of Site Director Marshall), then assigned Level-3 personnel instructed to transport 404 to area required at Site-88, or if 404 is to be consigned to a facility outside of the region, to Site-88's designated shipping division where it will be transported via [REDACTED].

Description: RPC-404 is a black cast-iron sign, measuring 50x50 centimeters, mounted on a grey iron pole with a radius of 11.5cm and a height of 1.18 meters. Together, the sign and pole measure approximately 1.5m in height. Although discovered in Poland, RPC-404 is of indefinite certifiable origin and age. It should be noted as well that RPC-404 shows no signs of rust or deterioration, and retains a very clean appearance even when not routinely cleaned.

The visual makeup of RPC-404 is semi-ornate, comparable to historical marker signs found across much of the United States. Legible text on the sign is in Polish, and reads "OKAZJA NA NIKOGO NIE CZEKA", a Polish proverb that translates colloquially to "Time and tide waits for no man." Beneath this text, separated by a horizontal margin, is a block of around 80 intricately designed glyphs, none of which have any presently known connections to any known symbol-based texts (Arabic script, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese and Japanese logograms, etc.). These texts are viewable via Document ███-███. Above the Polish heading is a circular emblem, adorned with a symbol of a white eye on a black background. Like the glyphs on RPC-404's surface, this symbol has no known origin or relation to existing symbology.

When stuck 20cm or more into the ground, a 500 sq. foot area behind RPC-404 will immediately enter an ostensible stasis, hereafter referred to as RPC-404-A, wherein time appears to "freeze". This stasis lasts as long as RPC-404 remains in the ground, with no visible deterioration of the effect during RPC-404-A over the course of time. Once RPC-404 is dislodged from its position, RPC-404-A will immediately cease, "accelerating" time within the area previously within stasis to present.

Foreign entities are able to enter RPC-404-A's area of effect without any initially discernible issue. If said entity remains within RPC-404-A for an extended period of time, however, it will progressively enter stasis itself. Experimentation into stasis effects on human personnel was conducted in the months following the acquisition of RPC-404, as to prevent possible danger posed in researching it and its effects (see Experiment Log 404-C).

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