Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-438

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-438-B is to be contained within a Humanoid Containment Cell lined with reinforced all-steel walls, and staffed with no fewer than three (3) standard Site security personnel at all times. Security personnel are encouraged to know medical practices, however this is up to the 438-Director ██████. All medical equipment inside the cell is to be checked for any damage once daily, and after Procedure 438-Hypnos. Anything that requires repairs is to be replaced and/or cleaned immediately. Any change in brain waves outside of normal parameters is to be met with raising the alarm level of the Site to Level 4 until RPC-438-A is neutralized. Average time between occurrences of RPC-438-B's appearance is, as of ██/██/2018, 17 days.

Should the operation of the life support machinery come under jeopardy, procedure 438-Hypnos is to be enacted. See attached file for details.

RPC-438-A is, upon appearance, to be captured or terminated as soon as possible. Entry into RPC-438-B's Containment Cell is to be prevented if at all possible. Should RPC-438-A enter RPC-438-B's Containment Cell, Procedure 438-Somnus is to be enacted. See attached file for details.

Description: RPC-438-B is a young human boy of █ years named ████ ███████. RPC-438-B is of ██████ ethnicity; records do not indicate when RPC-438-B and his family arrived in America. Investigation is ongoing as to RPC-438-B's family history and lineage. Currently, RPC-438-B is housed in Site-██. Psychological profile of RPC-438-B indicate the beginning of a psychopathic and sociopathic personality. The risk of bringing RPC-438-B out of his coma to begin therapy is, at this time, deemed too high of a risk so long as RPC-438-A is uncontained.

RPC-438-A is a 2.7 meter tall sloth looking organism, that has approximately 220 kilograms of mass. Each of it's four limbs can operate as arms or legs with little difficulty. Each limb ends in seven fingers that in turn end in 10.16cm long talons that are capable of cutting through steel, though at great difficulty. It's jaws have a similar cutting capability, though it will take much longer for it to chew through steel with it's jaw.

RPC-438-A will appear from any unmonitored/insufficiently lit areas when RPC-438-B's brainwaves move outside of █ to █hz range of activity. From recovered security footage both from the ███████ household and █████ Elementary school, it can be theorized that RPC-438-A responds to orders given telepathically from RPC-438-B, however it is capable of acting on it's own should the need arise, such as RPC-438-B moving back into normal activity range.

RPC-438-A is not excessively resilient to small arms fire, and a single round from a standard issue MST handgun is capable of significantly injuring the creature if shot in a vital area. Said vital areas have been found to be the neck, spine, lower torso and eyes. Shots into the assumed brain pan either from the outside of the body or through the mouth seem to do little, if any, permanent damage or even serious harm.

RPC-438-A's senses dull the further it is from RPC-438-B, with peak performance being equal to that of an average Panthera leo in terms of hearing, sight, smell, and presumably taste. It is capable of quick turns and precise movements, however only at slower speeds as it's mass makes it rather unwieldy at high velocities. It is advised for security personnel to attempt to lead RPC-438-A away from RPC-438-B's containment cell as soon as possible.

To date, RPC-438-A has not been killed. After sustaining enough injuries, RPC-438-A will retreat out visual line of sight from any camera based equipment. Should not area be found within approximately 3 minutes time, it will construct obstacles out of nearby debris to obstruct line of sight to cameras and personnel. Note, a cloud of concrete dust is considered enough so long as fine details of RPC-438-A is hidden from view, wherein it will "fade out" into nothing. Pieces of flesh not currently attached to the main body will disappear much faster after RPC-438-A "fades out," and due to this, has been unable to be studied.

Addendum: RPC-438-B was recovered within the ███████ household during a violent outbreak caused by RPC-438-A, resulting in the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. ███████ preceded by a rampage at █████ Elementary School, which RPC-438-B went to school. All survivors were given mem-erases and implanted with fake memories where possible. Those whose memories could not be suppressed were terminated on site. Businesses and homes between █████ Elementary School and the ███████ household were damaged during the rampage.

During recovery, RPC-438-A is reported to have sought out the school bullies of RPC-438-B as primary targets, with secondary targets being faculty members who did nothing to help with the bullying. Mr. and Mrs. ███████ were also determined to have been primary targets based off of a diary RPC-438-B kept within his room. Evidence at time of recovery indicated several years of abuse, including beatings, verbal abuse, ████, and █████████ █████. Diary indicates that RPC-438-A is an imaginary friend to RPC-438-B named "Mr. Cuddles"

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