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RPC-445 placed on a table

Item #: RPC-445

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-445 is to be kept in a box that prevents it from moving which is to be kept in a soundproof room. Several microphones which produce a low droning sound are to be installed within the air conditioning tunnels. Game sessions of ███ are to be held every second Friday.

Description: RPC-445 is a small plastic 20 sided die. The anomalous properties of RPC-445 manifest, when a person within 2 meters of it looks at it while stating their following course of actions. After doing so the object will fling itself in a random direction at a random amount of force. After the die stops, a disembodied low voice will announce the number on the dice. The subject will then perform the previously stated actions. It is apparent that the higher the number rolled the more likely the subject is to succeed in doing these actions. Rolling a 1 will invariably result in some level of injury and even death when attempting dangerous tasks.

Addendum-445-A: RPC-445 was recovered from Site-██ when an individual reportedly started throwing balls of fire from his hands. Class-C amnestics were administered to everyone involved and the object was recovered without further incidents.

Addendum-445-B: Subjects who have used RPC-445's anomalous properties multiple times report that RPC-445 talks to them. The die has not been observed to produce sound besides announcing numbers. Subjects who have been subjected to the anomalous properties of this object will sporadically make demands to modify RPC-445's holding cell such as adding air conditioning and holes in it's holding box. These subjects have also demanded that sessions of ███ are to be kept regularly where RPC-445 is used like any other 20 sided die. When these demands were initially ignored, RPC-445 began to constantly roll 20 which in turn caused subjects who have used the RPC-445 before to break in it's holding cell, pick it up and attempt to escape. After this incident it's demands were adhered to.

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