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Item #:RPC-451

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-451 is to be kept in a standard Alpha-Class storage locker at room temperature at all times. Testing must be approved from no less than three level 3 researchers.

Due to it's inert nature, it requires no active security. During testing, no less than five security personnel must be on duty, equipped with AP rounds to dispatch any possible anomalous threats.

Description: RPC-451 is a variety pack of Amazing!…Co. brand granola bars containing 20 chocolate chip bars, 14 dark chocolate chunk, and 14 peanut butter chocolate chip. The object has "Try 'em all!" written on the back of box in a sharpie. Acquired during a raid on an Amazing!…Co storage facility in ██████, Wisconsin. Though advertised to contain 48 granola bars, 43 bars remained by the time of containment, missing 3 from chocolate, 1 from dark chocolate chunk, and 1 from Peanut Butter. Currently, there are 40 bars left. 16 bars of chocolate chip, 12 of peanut butter, 12 of dark chocolate chunk.

When not consumed by an organic being, no anomalous properties will manifest. These bars will melt as the materials have not changed from a granola bar. It is unknown if the properties of the granola bar can be transferred if the object melts, but this is considered a containment breach and is to be treated as such.

Consumption of RPC-451 gives the subject three different states, based upon what flavor they consumed. Chocolate chip granola bars give the recipient incredible, uncontrollable strength, usually leading to the user breaking their own bones. Peanut butter chocolate chip, grants amazing speed, while lacking any ability granted to control said speed, usually leading to the users death via collision at high speeds into any stationary object. Dark chocolate chip gives practical invulnerability to all physical damage, though normal body functions such as hunger and breathing continue to be necessary.

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