RPC-582 while inactive.

Registered Phenomena Code: 582

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-582 is to be kept in a 2 centimeter thick containment box at Site-055, within a 8m x 8m locked room. This room is to be equipped with audio receivers, in case RPC-582-1 attempts contact with the Authority. These audio receivers are to automatically block out all sounds louder than 150 decibels in volume, in order to prevent dangers posed by RPC-582-1's scream. In the event that RPC-582-1 attempts to contact the Authority, one member of Class B, preferably with a degree in Social Psychology, should respond within 15-45 seconds. All contact with RPC-582-1 is to be recorded by the Authority, without RPC-582-1's knowledge and stored digitally on a flash drive kept with RPC-582's transcripts to avoid confusion and ensure quality.

If attempts to answer RPC-582-1's contact through RPC-582 fail, all objects within RPC-582-A are to be classified as RPC-582-2 and are to be retrieved and stored normally, for study or use by the Authority. People under the age of 49 within RPC-582-A are to be considered terminated and replacement personnel are to be hired as quickly as possible. Personnel that can be recovered are to be sent to Site-███ to be re-raised by personnel. Floor tiles and light bulbs should be changed. The walls should also be checked for temporal changes (and replaced if changes are present). No technology that was invented after the year 1990 are to be placed in RPC-582's chamber at any time for any reason besides authorized testing or conversions.

Description: RPC-582 is a Vintage GPO Black Bakelite Rotary Telephone from the 1970s, including a small drawer peeking from the front at the bottom of it's base. The rotary dial is covered in scratches, despite the rest of RPC-582 being in mint condition. The source of these scratches is suspected to be from the events transcribed in RPC-582-D, though the real source is currently unknown.

The bottom drawer of RPC-582, when opened, contains transcripts of the previous ten conversations made through RPC-582, printed in courier font on aged paper. These transcripts appear, even if paper was not present in the drawer of RPC-582 at the time of the conversation. Additionally, the paper is aged even if new paper is placed within RPC-582's drawer. These transcripts typically relay the phone number (excluding RPC-582-1's) and full name of anyone participating in a phone call with RPC-582, but substitutes first names with prefixes such as "Dr." or "Mr." when possible.

When RPC-582 was discovered, three transcripts were already present in RPC-582 and will hereafter be referred to as RPC-582-B, RPC-582-C, and RPC-582-D. Information regarding the contents of RPC-582-B, RPC-582-C, and RPC-582-D, can be found in their respective logs.

RPC-582 will show no anomalous properties when used for standard phone calls of any nature. When murder or illegal activities is conversed within 7.5m of RPC-582 while performing a call, RPC-582 will emit a 215 decibel scream. Immediately after, all matter within 7.5m will be changed temporally into a 1970's equivalent or version (This anomalous effect of RPC-582 is to be referred to as RPC-582-A). All instances of temporally changed objects are to hereafter be referred to as RPC-582-2. Any person within range of RPC-582-A will be changed into themselves as they were in the year 1970, both physically and in memory. If a person within RPC-582-A wasn't alive in the year 1970, they cease to exist. This effect is currently irreversible and any personnel lost are considered terminated.

RPC-582-1, more formally known as John ██████ is a 32 year old Caucasian male, who was born in ██████, Michigan in the year 1938.1 RPC-582-1 will, when asked, respond with corresponding information. RPC-582-1 will occasionally (about two-three times a weak) attempt to make contact through RPC-582. RPC-582 does not seem to care who responds to this contact. Failure to answer this call within 45 seconds will result in RPC-582-1's 215 decibel scream, followed by a ten minute period of RPC-582-A.

RPC-582-1 speaks in the context of a busy business man, working on an unnamed project in ██████, Michigan. All attempts to question the nature of the project result in the 215 decibel scream from RPC-582-1, followed immediately by a ten minute duration of RPC-582-A. When transcripts are checked in regards to this scream, only "a murder occurs" is written in the place of screaming. An interview with RPC-582-1 (Interview-582-1) is provided in Recovered Documents. After Interview-582-1, no further interviews with RPC-582-1 are to be attempted.

Test Log:

Recovered Documents:

Addendum 1 : After discovery that RPC-582-A and creation of RPC-582-2 can be controllable, via leaving an object within 0.3m of RPC-582 for 24 hours with no outside interruption.

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