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RPC-666 contained within Facility-██.


Item #: RPC-666

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-666 is to be kept concealed by a tarp while not in use. RPC-666 is not to be used if only one individual is present. Under no circumstances is skin contact to be made with RPC-666 even during testing. No Authority personal may interact with RPC-666 with the exception of D-Class personnel. (See interview log 666-016)

Description: RPC-666 is a medium sized wall mirror that has been carbon-dated back to the late tenth century. RPC-666's frame is formed from solid gold with a purity of 100%1 on the center top of which the phrase "Capti in corpus recipere liquorem" is engraved. The mirror itself is composed of molten mercury suspended inside the frame through some unknown means.

RPC-666's primary anomalous property presents itself when an individual looks into it. Instead of seeing their own reflection, they instead see the entity designated RPC-666-01. RPC-666-01 has no concrete appearance instead taking the appearance of someone who the subject will find comforting, this has included parents, siblings, friends, historical icons, and in one case a telemarketer.

Upon being summoned RPC-666-01 will begin making offers in the attempt of striking a deal. RPC-666-01 will use any psychological tactics possible in order to make a deal. RPC-666-01 seems to know a great deal about its summoner and uses it to further increase the chance of completing a deal.

RPC-666-01 will offer anything and the price it requires in return at first seems to be relatively minor such as leaving a package at a location, texting a word to someone, tagging a building or riding a certain bus at a certain time. Upon further observation, however, it is shown these "favors" will cause a chain reaction ending in widespread tragedy.

Throughout the negotiation, RPC-666-01 will encourage the subject to touch the mirror. If the mirror is touched [DATA EXPUNGED].

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