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Item #: RPC-799

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-799 is to be contained in a 10x20 meter standard containment chamber. No personnel under Level-3 clearance are allowed to use RPC-799 unless approved by at least one Level-4 personnel. All beneficial items gained via RPC-799 are to be submitted to Site-17 director.

Description: RPC-799 is a Lowe’s brand electrical oven. RPC-799 has a dial that can be change to five different settings which are Lowest, Low, Medium, High, and Highest. RPC-799 anomalous abilities manifest when an item is placed in RPC-799 while RPC-799 is powered on and the dial is put to a setting. When these standards are met, the original item put into RPC-799 will instantly disappear and be replaced with a different object. See //Addendum 779-A for more 799. The anomalous phenomena of RPC-799 does not extend to the stove on top of RPC-799.

Addendum 799-A: Test Logs

Addendum 799-B: Interview Log

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