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RPC-893 prior to containment

Item #: RPC-893

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-893 is to be contained within standard storage locker #7 at Site-002. Storage Locker #7 is to be kept locked unless undergoing maintenance. One infrared-equipped security camera is to observe RPC-893's containment chamber at all times. Security personnel are to run two routine security checks of Storage Locker #7 at the beginnings and ends of security shifts. Under no circumstances should any personnel attempt to bring any consumable items such as food and beverages into RPC-893's containment chamber. RPC-893 displays no anomalous behavior if left undisturbed, therefore guards stationed within Site-002 are discouraged from entering Storage Locker #7, and should instead make use of video feed of Storage Locker #7's interior.

Description: RPC-893 is a standard urban outdoor receptacle unit which is composed of two major segments: a "base" and a "cap," which have been designated as RPC-893-1 and RPC-893-2 respectively. RPC-893-1 and RPC-893-2 are connected by currently unknown means, as they are not physically in contact, despite moving in complete synchronization with each other. RPC-893's anomalous effects begin manifesting through physical interaction with RPC-893-1, whereupon the introduction of any object placed into RPC-893-1 will result in RPC-893-2 ejecting a mass of equivalent weight and volume. The composition of these masses varies and testing has yielded significant insight into contents ejected from RPC-893-2 [See Experiment Logs]. The exact origin of ejected contents are as of yet not fully understood, however, tests have revealed that a spacial tear exists at a point located directly under the center of the cap of RPC-893-2. This is believed to be the method of transportation for all objects ejected from RPC-893-2. Insertion of objects into RPC-893-2 is strictly prohibited and may yield potentially fatal results [See Experiment Log 893-2].

Addendum: Recovery Log: RPC-893's came to The Authority's attention after reports of attacks on civilians by exotic wildlife surfaced in Orlando, Florida. RPC-893 was located outside of the ██████ internet café at 2:00 PM local time. Field agents who had been dispatched were searching for anomalous activity on the same street as the ██████ café when they saw a woman being attacked by an unknown creature which had emerged from RPC-893. The agents quickly reacted but were unable to reach the woman in time before the creature underwent what was described at the time as "rapid melting." The following is an audio log which was recorded by Field Agent Jeremiah ████ after he and his partner saw the initial attack.

Addendum: Experiment Logs: The following are Experiment Logs taken from Tests conducted with RPC-893 for the purpose of understanding the object's anomalous effects.

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