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Item #: RPC-995

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-995 is to be kept in a pure holy water solution blessed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. The water should be held by 7 decimeters of Pb, also blessed by [DATA EXPUNGED], or any other clergyman above the rank of archbishop. Item should be moved by only Class-D personnel of Catholic belief. Under no circumstances should the item be removed from its encasing, and any personnel attempting to remove the casing should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Description: The visual perception of RPC-995 is impossible to describe as personnel who have seen it have been blinded by what appears to be damage to the occipital lobe. Memory is scarred, and personnel who attempt to remember will pass out from hypertension. One personnel ██████████ ██████ was able to remember it, and only described it as an "Infinite ██████ Machine". They self-terminated afterwards. Holy water extracted from the casing via a "safe" method is a very dark black, and darkens whatever room it is placed in. The water is kept [DATA EXPUNGED].

RPC-995 was found in catacombs underneath Vatican City. All personnel of non-Abrahamic faith that participated in transporting the item are now deceased of apparently natural causes, with a few exception of causes already explainable by prior occurrences. Other workers do not wish to talk about it. Details kept on file. Global Director clearance required.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #995-1

Document #995-1: Possibility of MC-E scenario.

RPC-995 should not come in any contact with any item related to an Mass Cataclysm-Eschatological scenario. MC items within close proximity of RPC-995 appeared to be increasingly distressed the closer they are to RPC-995. Refer to document #995-2.

Document #995-2: Event #995a

Personnel ██████ ██████████ attempted to remove RPC-995 from Site 62. Observed strength increase, endurance increase, and little regard for human life despite ██████ ██████████'s prior high morals. ██████ ██████████ was able to get RPC-995 to RPC-███. RPC-███ began to flee regardless of the proper amount of "worshippers". ██████ ██████████ slaughtered the unaware "worshippers" and attempted to destroy the holding facility of RPC-███. RPC-███ was later captured. ██████ ██████████ was terminated.

Document #995-3: Event #995b

RPC-995 has shown increased prejudice towards all individuals. All personnel of Abrahamic faith are to evacuate the facilities. RPC-995 is to be moved to new facilities off of Site 62. All research going towards RPC-995 is now going towards its destruction.

Document #995-4: Event #995c

RPC-995 has been moved to a new site, but lead casing has been pierced. Holy water held inside lead casing has now leaked, and contact has been lost with the new site. Recorded images from the new site show tendrils escaping from the casing. All surviving personnel are due for interrogation, psychological evaluation and possible termination.

Document #995-4: Change in RPC-995

RPC-995 has openly began to communicate with Agent ██████. ██████ has described many events in history where RPC-995 has supposedly interfered with human affairs, despite no prior specialty in history. RPC-995 has also now successfully been described by Agent ██████, as a black mass similar to a black hole, however the surface of the mass oscillates and produces occasional tendrils which probe its containment area when not under surveillance.

Agent ██████ has been found to be continually loyal to the Authority, even after communication, and therefore is not under consideration for termination at this time.

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