Registered Phenomena Code: 997

Object Class: Beta-White

Hazard Types:

Containment Protocols: RPC-997 is currently self-containing, due to the nature of the anomaly. It is contained on page RPC-997.

Description: RPC-997 is a cognitohazardous anomaly surrounding the nature of the previous version of RPC-997. It is unknown what the original RPC-997 was, only that it has been "eaten" by a previously uncatalogued antimemetic anomaly.

No personnel (when questioned) have shown knowledge of RPC-997's original article, only the newer version (written here). When searched, the number either turns up blank, or shows this version of the article. Research is ongoing into how to stabilize/reverse this effect.

The only information to survive the antimemetic effects of RPC-997 is the experimentation logs, shown below. Researcher ████ shows no memory of ever being assigned to a project such as the one described in the logs, but has since asked to resign and be removed from the database. Investigation is ongoing.

Addendum: Nothing is in the box.1

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