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RPC-997, visible in the night sky as of 07/03/████. Note the visible radiation, even at long distances.


Item #: RPC-997

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: Data regarding RPC-997's location is to be constantly monitored from and processed at the Site-21 Observatory; designated Class B personnel undercover at observatories in █████, Chile and ███████, Ecuador are to securely transmit such data during the months when RPC-997 is not observable from a properly-equipped site. Faculty of and students studying at the aforementioned observatories are to be flagged as Class E personnel from their registration as such up to 12 months after the cessation of their involvement with the observatory.

Due to memetic influence on observers, [REDACTED] is to be mixed into the water supply of the aforementioned facilities at a molar concentration of ██ M. Blanket communications surveillance across SMS, telephone lines, email, and recording devices is to be conducted by Neural Network to monitor for repetition of key phrases - in instances where psychological contamination is detected, subjects are to be detained, debriefed, and amnesticized in accordance with standard individual-level noninfectious procedure.

While RPC-997 is as of now contained within the reinforced Authority space probe Farewell, travelling in a straight-line trajectory away from the solar system at a speed of approximately 62,000 kilometers per hour. Farewell is equipped with reinforced [REDACTED] lining and an internal environment of oxygenated, heated suspension fluid. Farewell is equipped with moment-to-moment transmission of information on location, hull integrity, speed, direction, and the status of its contents - interruption of these to any significant degree is to be considered a breach event and the immediate precursor to Scenario 997-T.

In the event of Scenario 997-T, the appropriation of all available global communication resources via remote override for countermemetic action and broadcast of dampening frequency is to be conducted, followed by rapid response disinfo procedure for global-scale medium-intensity security breaches. In the event of the failure of this procedure, further action is irrelevant.

As soon as RPC-997 is outside double the projected maximum range of its destruction triggering Scenario 997-T, it is to be terminated immediately by the detonation of Farewell's onboard nuclear device and immediately reclassified as Neutralized.

Description: RPC-997 is, aside from any differences noted, physically and chemically identical to a human fetus at 20 weeks of development. RPC-997 is ambulatory and possessed of limited sapience, observing its surroundings and communicating primarily through emitted radiation. This radiation is a mixture of visible light, radio waves, alpha rays, and at least one as-of-yet unclassified form of energy emission1. The radiation's effects vary with distance - at the time of discovery, proteins would break down and most materials would melt at a range of 1-3 meters, with visual damage and a notable increase in temperature and radiation level in objects out to 10 meters; past that RPC-997 causes a negligible elevation in radiation and temperature. At all ranges, however, the radiation causes a memetic psyche displacement effect, individuals at that distance being unable to separate their own thoughts from the object's, frequently inserting phrases taken from the anomaly's emissions into their own speech without conscious awareness - the content of these phrases suggesting an awareness on the object's part of the thoughts of those experiencing its radiation. Long-term exposure to this memetic effect has been observed to cause low-level personality decay and chronic migraines. At the time of writing, the distance across which these effects may be felt have increased exponentially, RPC-997's radiation and psyche damage reaching the Earth from space.

Although RPC-997 was initially housed in a secure facility in Site-██ until projections based on measurements taken over the object's tenure in storage determine that not only was the object's lifespan finite, the progression of said lifespan would result in the in the intensification of the emitted energies, with RPC-997's death resulting in an overload event. The consequences of such an event, while difficult to forecast due to the number of unknowns, are projected by RPSCI to include equivalent physical force to the simultaneous local detonations of several nuclear weapons and global-scale personality displacement by memetic force.

NOTE: Could this be a reproductive mechanism? - Dr. Martinez

On verification of the projections through a series of on-site physical examinations, the Farewell was immediately constructed and RPC-997 deployed with intent of moving it outside of harmful range. No mechanism exists for retrieval.

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