Secure Facilities

Facility Designations

The Authority maintains a worldwide presence in its effort to research and contain RPCs. Authority facilities can range anywhere from remote outposts with only a handful of personnel to sprawling bases with thousands of staff members.


A site is anywhere Authority research takes place and/or RPCs are stored. Sites are can either be hidden completely from the public eye or disguised under the facade of puppet organizations.

Each site is denoted by a numerical designation (Ex. Site-14). Sites constructed specifically to contain an RPC are given an additional "On Location" designation, abbreviated as "OL" (Ex. OL-Site-47).


Authority areas are hubs of organizational activity. Each Authority region has a designated area where the majority of non-research duties are performed, including: weapons testing, logistics, electronic surveillance and warfare, and Director meetings. Due to the sensitive nature of the work that goes on at areas and the high-level personnel involved, RPCs are forbidden from entering an area. Anyone found breaking this protocol will be detained and subsequent items will be relocated.

Each area, like is given a numerical designation match the number of the region it is in (Ex. Area-21, Region 21, South America)


The Authority facilitates logistics and organization by dividing the world into various geographic regions. Each region hosts one area along with numerous sites and is under the command of a Regional Director, who in turn reports to the Global Directors. These persons, collectively, represent Authority Administrators.

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