Site Index

Foreword: This index is a list of notable authority sites.

There is a 3 RPC minimum for each site, non-withstanding for current articles like 001 and 045, each needs to be written by a different author, and having a rating of quality (Defined currently as +10).

It may not be an OL-Site, those may be controlled from the main site article and count towards the main site's RPC count. Articles by the same author are allowed, but do not count towards the Site's minimum 3 RPC requirement.

To add a new entry, input the site's name and number (Site-XXX) and hit create:

Site-002 by HellsvergHellsverg 06 Jul 2018 13:49

Rating: 13

Site-002 Primary Containment Command Facility Overview Established: 27th May, 1914. Location: Area 02, 165 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. Site Occupation: Containment, Research,...

Site-074 by 3nigm4tic3nigm4tic 16 Jul 2018 20:00

Rating: 10

Site-074 Designated Site: RPC Authority, Research Advancements and Development facility Overview Site-074, 198█ Established ██ January, 197█, Front Cover: High altitude weather station...

Site-045 by Argie FagArgie Fag 11 Jul 2018 02:26

Rating: 9

Site #: 045 Picture taken of Site 045 with [REDACTED] on the bottom left of the picture. Site coordinates: -82.7█23██, 61.9█08██ Description: Site-045 is the Antarctic Research and Containment...

Site-001 by HellsvergHellsverg 06 Jul 2018 13:28

Rating: 6

Site-001 Maximum Security Subaquatic Containment Facility Overview Established 16th January, 1985. Location: Area 01, 706 kilometers southwest off of Pitcairn Islands. Site Occupation:...

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