Intensive Care Hub, General Hospital & Research Facility


Established: 19/11/19██

Location: Beneath the Panama Canal, Panama City, Panama

Codename: Syringe

Hex-code: [08]

Total Area: 2,936,900m~21

Front Cover: Aerial view of the Panama Canal

Site Occupations:

  1. Intensive Care
  2. General Medical Treatment
  3. Medical Research
  4. Containment


Please be advised, medical emergencies are our priority and may impede entry.

Site Entrances:
  1. The high-speed underground railway Depot - (Authority Rail Depot #2) this depot has 60 available island Platforms for passengers.
  2. Submarine depot - This is currently the only way to access the site directly from water, there are currently two confidential tunnels located off the coast leading to the depot, from both east and west respectively.

Special Protocol: Site-008 forbids all lifeforms (except humans) above 1.618~ grams entering the facility without permission. Violation of this protocol will result in swift punishment, and termination of said lifeforms(s) unless staff are commanded otherwise.

Background Information: Site-008 is the Authority's most eminent medical facility, treating vast amounts of Authority employees, allied GOI personnel, and significant figures useful to the Authority. The majority of patients treated here require intensive care that cannot be satisfied with just modern medical technology available to the public. Personnel who lack the proper clearance to know of Site-008 are administered amnestics after they have made a complete recovery.

Site-008, in addition to being used as a hospital for the authority, serves as a storage and research space for anomalies with hypothetical or proven medical applications. RPCs with hypothetical medical value are researched and tested. Anomalies with proven medical value will be exploited and used to their fullest extent, to treat personnel. Medical staff are given additional specialized training to make use of such RPCs.

History: During construction of the Panama Canal, RPC-028 was discovered, a geopositionally immovable anomaly. Site-008 initially was an aboveground observation post by RPC-028 covered with a small structure, to remain inconspicuous. After much experimentation, it was discovered that the Anomaly could be moved vertically. Because of this discovery the RPC was transported 1.1km underground. With the inevitability of the canal filling with water and the RPC well below the surface; site-008 was connected to the underground railway and had it's surface entry-structure removed.

On 10/12/1910 the post became official, becoming Site-008. Global Director ████████████, two weeks later, ordered to exploit the anomaly for medical treatment of personnel, bring other RPCs with medical value to site-008, and give the site a massive expansion. After three years of construction, the expansion was completed—resulting in an immense increase in size to the facility. The site since then has grown to become one of the Authority's best investments, granting it's personnel with some of the best healthcare on earth.

Wings of the Facility

  • Administrative Wing - This wing is used to manage Site-008. Only certain staff, MST leaders, researchers, Board Directors, and Global Directors may enter this area.
  • Medical Wing - The largest wing of the facility, used for bedding, treatment and rehabilitation for patients.
  • Intelligence Wing - Used to monitor and investigate all patients and monitor for any data breaches revealing the existence of the site, to the public and/or hostile GOIs.
  • Research Wing - Used to research RPCs with a possible medical application. In addition to this, a small prison is included to store D-class class test subjects for medical experimentation. Test subjects are reused as much as possible. Due to frequent reuse in experimentation, they are frequently given amnestics.
  • Containment Wing - Stores alpha and beta items with confirmed or hypothetical medical application(s)

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: Dr. Wilhelm Grau
  • Assistant Site Director: Dr. Emile Nowak
  • Dir. of Medical Board: Dr. Anna Aerts
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Nikita Petrov
  • Dir. of Site Security: Cap. Grey Smith
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Jake Regan
  • Dir. of Intelligence: Dr. Stephen 'brainlet' Jones
  • Dir. of Item Transferals: Dr. Gotfred Murphy
  • Dir. of Item Research: Dr. Nikolaus Gow

On-Site Personnel, as of 9/4/2012:

  • Department Heads: 9
  • Administrative Assistants: 22
  • Medical Personnel: 5128
  • Patients Under Care: 25,421
  • Research Personnel: 1690
  • Security Personnel: 7215
  • Intelligence Officers: 598
  • Maintenance Personnel: 2365
  • D-Class Personnel: 612

Total: 42,880

Garrisoned Mobile Security Teams

  • Papa-2 (Hippocratic Oathbreakers)2
  • Uniform-7 (Sandmen)3

Anomalies Contained


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