Site #: 045


Picture taken of Site 045 with [REDACTED] on the bottom left of the picture.

Site coordinates: -82.7█23██, 61.9█08██

Description: Site-045 is the Antarctic Research and Containment Facility for Anomalies (or A.R.C.F.A.) in charge of containing 121 Anomalies, the most notable being The Antarctic Anomaly, located 43 kilometers below the deepest point of the facility contained and neutralized under longsleep thanks to the freezingly cold temperatures of -56ºC that offer aswell a natural protection to the rest of the world as proven by Breach #3517-1.

The A.R.C.F.A. counts with a total amount of 59 buildings distributed along a squared 49 kilometers.
Due to the extreme conditions around A.R.C.F.A. as well as its isolated location, Site-045 allows for the effective containment of anomalies within or above class Gamma.

Site personnel: The site counts with a total amount of 400 employees of which 280 work are security guards and 120 are scientists. All personnel is to inhabit floor number -2 in their respective, individual chambers which include, but are not limited to: [DATA EXPUNGED].

OL-Sites: In charge of every OL-Site located in the territory of Antarctica is A.R.C.F.A. as listed below:

Facility protocols:

Security logs:

Anomalies contained in the facility:


Anomalies previously contained in the facility:

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