Theodore J. ██████



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Theodore ██████ (left) with his colleague ████ ████████ (right) in ████ Beach, California. Photo taken in the date ██/██/1973.

Full Name: Theodore J. ██████

Date Of Birth: 24 of October, 1987.

Clearance: Level 3

Class: Researcher

Age: 31

Description: Theodore ██████ is a Caucasian Male with Black-Brown Hair and Beard, and is Medium Built. Theodore ██████ is 1.87 meters tall. Theodore ██████ possesses no other notable physical traits.

Additional Information: Originally from ████████, England; graduated at the University of Birminham and was employed by the Authority after his father, Clint ██████, passed away. Clint ██████ was the Head Researcher of RPC-███, which Theodore ██████ was secretly aware of.

Theodore ██████ took part in the research of RPC-682. Currently taking psychological treatment after an incident while interviewing an RPC-682-3 instance on the 682-3 Interview Log 001.

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